An Example of a Sample

Happy Holidays from PHATalogue! 

LL Cool J, Greg Nice & DJ Z-Trip have an awesome segment on Rock The Bells Radio(Sirius). They take a deep dive into songs from the past that were sampled into hip hop songs. Clever idea. It is really cool to see what artists were sampled and how they were sampled. The guys keep it very interesting and they are very funny. Good stuff. Check out a sample(no pun intended) below. There are many other segments on youtube and you can hear it on the Rock The Bells channel.

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Heavy D & The Boyz- Blue Funk album release date...Hmm?

Heavy d blue funk

Guess what is up on ebay for auction starting today??!!! You guessed it....Heavy D and The Boyz-Blue Funk! This was one of Heavy D & The Boyz best releases. As I was posting the album to ebay, I looked at the release date. On the web, it states January 12, 1993. I don't remember it that way. I remember the album being released in December 1992. In fact, on the cassette it says 1992. At the time in 1992, I said they should just release the album in 1993 to make it a true 1993 album. Am I going crazy? Does anybody remember the real release date of this album? In reality, it was only a few weeks difference but was it truly a 1992 or 1993 release??? 

What is PHATalogue????

Very good question. ??? PHATalogue is catalogue of really cool, fun, retro and PHAT products. That is where the PHAT comes in the catalogue. PHATalogue sells a lot records, cassettes and CDs. PHATalogue has a large catalogue of old school rap but there are other types of music that will be available. PHATalogue offers rock, dance, comedy and other fun records/cassettes. PHATalogue also offers board games, VHS tapes, magazines and books. There is a link on this blog for the ebay store. You can also access the store via or phatalogue in store names). Here at PHATalogue, we really appreciate your patronage. 

PHATalogue the blog is a companion to the PHATalogue store. We will mostly write about products that are being sold via the ebay store. It could be anything from Biz Markie's amazing and  underrated catalogue to Men at Work's first two albums. It could also be about fun boards games from back in the days. So, don't forget to check it out. Keep your eyes open for new posts.