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Heavy D & The Boyz- Blue Funk album release date...Hmm?

Heavy d blue funk

Guess what is up on ebay for auction starting today??!!! You guessed it....Heavy D and The Boyz-Blue Funk! This was one of Heavy D & The Boyz best releases. As I was posting the album to ebay, I looked at the release date. On the web, it states January 12, 1993. I don't remember it that way. I remember the album being released in December 1992. In fact, on the cassette it says 1992. At the time in 1992, I said they should just release the album in 1993 to make it a true 1993 album. Am I going crazy? Does anybody remember the real release date of this album? In reality, it was only a few weeks difference but was it truly a 1992 or 1993 release??? 


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